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Calling for an End to RIMPAC War Games Hawaii Independent, June 13 2018
Women Join Okinawa Struggle for Peace Summit Magazine: women from Hawaiʻi join Okinawan protesters in demilitarization struggle, including RIMPAC
Israel to Participate in RIMPAC Jerusalem Post: Israel to participate in bombing Hawaiʻi waters during escalating tensions
China Disinvited from RIMPAC CNN: This diplomatic fiasco could spell real trouble for Hawaiʻi and peace as a whole
China Slams US for Disinvitation Diplomatic fiascos that have the potential for making Hawaiʻi a target
Malu ʻĀina Center for Nonviolent Education and Action RIMPAC Page (Hawaii Island)
World Can't Wait Hawaiʻi Blog frequently updated with RIMPAC info 
Hawaii Peace and Justice
Facebook Page
Supporter Comments on Change.Org Petition.  Some inspiring thoughts!!
Save Our Surf (1984) Vintage record of early Stop RIMPAC efforts

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